Oilfield Iron Re-Certification

Oilfield Iron Re-Certification

We provide fast service, quality materials, and certified technicians to get your iron inspected & recertified quickly. All of our inspections & recertifications are performed by our highly trained staff qualified in UT, MPI Level II, API, & AWS certifications.

Equipment Fabrication & Repairs

Equipment Fabrication & Repairs

When your equipment goes down, you need the assurance it will be repaired or replaced quickly & safely. Our qualified technicians can custom fabricate to your specifications, repair, sandblast, & paint your parts to meet the needs of your projects.

Iron Works Tracking

Iron Works Tracking

With our proprietary Iron Works Tracking system, you can see the service history, images, charts, reports, & more. Each asset we service is well documented, allowing you to conveniently track, maintain, & follow your asset re-certifications.

Oilfield Flow Iron, Fluid, & Power end recertification & repairs.

Get your oilfield frac iron equipment recertified with a name you can trust. Our services are fast & we guarantee results that you can count on when it comes to recertifying, repairing, & testing your flow iron & equipment.

At Pressure Point Testing, our mission is to provide the safest, most comprehensive testing, recertification, and repair services for our customers in the oil & gas industry. We ensure that all of our technicians are highly qualified, well-trained, and capable of handling nearly any project.

When you are in need of the best recertification and repair solution for your frac, flow, and pressure equipment, Pressure Point Testing is going to be there with fast, quality, and guaranteed safe solutions for your company and crews. No matter where you are located, we can serve your needs with fast, friendly, and capable solutions.

Jeremy Sublett

Jeremy Sublett
President of Pressure Point Testing

Flow & Frac Iron Recertification

Our recertification testing services include flow line and valve maintenance, repair, ultrasonic thickness, magnetic particle, and hydrostatic testing anywhere in the United States.

Flow Iron Recertification

Frac & Flow Iron Repair Services

Our repair services for Frac & Flow Iron include dismantling, rebuilding, seals, threads, kits, wings, & more. Our mobile team is capable of repairing your equipment to get your equipment back in the field quickly.

Repairs & Fabrications

Fabrication & New Equipment Sales

Our capabilities extend far beyond recertification & repairs. From providing new parts for your project, to custom fabricating, painting, and cleaning – we have the capabilities for your oilfield project.

Sandblasting & Painting

Asset & Equipment Tracking

Our all new proprietary Iron Works Tracking System allows you to see the history of your equipment in real time, access reports, submit requests, and more from anywhere with internet access.

Iron Works


Oil & Gas Iron Recertification Services

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Our success as a top oil & gas iron recertification company is determined by our clients. Don’t just take our word for it, see what they have to say!

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We’ve been a client of Pressure Point Testing for years and can attest to the quality, responsiveness, and service experience they provide for our business!

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“We love that Pressure Point Testing goes to where we need them to go fast. Whether we are working locally, or nationally, they still get the job done right!”

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Over the past few years we have grown to become one of the leading Iron Testing and Recertification companies in the oil & gas industry. With that growth comes exciting career opportunities for you. We provide top benefit packages, salaries, and more!

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We Are Growing

Over the past few years, Pressure Point Testing has grown to be one of the top iron recertification providers in the oil & gas industry today. Come and grow further with us.

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Gain Valuable Experience

Oil & Gas Iron Recertification is a technical industry full of challenging procedures and opportunities for you to learn and grow in your career. We provide the training.

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Our team is a tight knit group of supportive people who help get the job done for our customers. You can be a part of a team focused company and experience the difference that it makes in your life.

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